We Will Remember Them


Airborne Remembrance



Zondag 22 september 2024, 11:00 uur

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Arnhem-Oosterbeek War Cemetery
Van Limburg Stirumweg, Oosterbeek

Every year during the Airborne Memorial Service we remember the Men of the

British 1st Airborne Division
Royal Air Force
1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade
and other Allied Forces 

who fought for our freedom, have been wounded or taken prisoner of war and those who gave their lives at Arnhem, Driel, Ede and Oosterbeek in 1944.

We Will remember them

Thousands come together every year at the Arnhem-Oosterbeek War Cemetery in Oosterbeek for the Airborne Memorial Service. 

The first remembrance service took place in 1945 and was designed by the Commander of the 1st Airborne Division, Major General R.E. Urquhart, together with acting Mayor of Renkum, mr. J. ter Horst, ds. Ph. Bergkotte and Father R.F. Dijker. 

Since that first remembrance service the order of service has not been changed. Nor has the participation of the schoolchildren. Since 1945 they lay flowers on the grave during the service. This always makes a big impression on those present.

The Airborne Memorial Service is a public service and open to anyone to attend. 

Airborne Memorial Service in